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For over 30 years the Christian Men’s Network has been a highly effective global movement of pastors and leaders dedicated to training men toward their roles as servant-leaders in their families, church and culture.

The foundational truth of this international movement is that “Manhood and Christlikeness are Synonymous”.

“Manhood and Christlikeness are Synonymous”

Based on the direction of the Apostle Paul when he taught his young charge in 2 Timothy 2:2 to “Commit these truths to faithful men, who will teach others also.”  The CMN ministry has trained over 86,000 leaders in 138 nations, and the multiplication of that thrust continues strong today.

Founded by Dr. Edwin Louis Cole® when he wrote “Maximized Manhood®”, the most widely read book for men in the world – this movement continues today under the leadership of Paul Cole, Bishop Dale C. Bronner in Atlanta, Dr. Robert Barriger in Peru, Eddy Leo in Indonesia and other key men around the world…from Uganda to Ukraine, from Manila to Miami.

In 1997, after Ed Cole and CMN had helped launch Promise Keepers in the USA, Honorbound and many other ministries to men around the world the MAJORING IN MEN® curriculum was launched, and the first men were commissioned.  Today that curriculum has been the most successful material of its kind, endorsed by leaders around the world and used by over 8,000,000 men.  This curriculum uses ten of the books Dr. Cole authored and each book has a corresponding workbook for a dynamic and powerful tool.

The goal is to Build Men, Build Churches, Transform Culture.

In 2002, Dr. Cole’s passed into heaven leaving a trained team of strong men, and today CMN is on the move around the world in a greater and more strategic way than ever before. Today, more men study Dr. Cole’s books and preach Dr. Cole’s message globally than when he was alive!

The goal is to Build Men, Build Churches, Transform Culture. And by the power of the Holy Spirit, God does it…one man at a time.

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