LR18 Covenant

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This event will encourage you, build you, and propel you to greater levels of leadership, real manhood, and Christlikeness.

November 8-10, 2018 | Carrollton, Texas
1pm Thursday - 1pm Saturday

Special rate ONLY for men from Covenant Church! Only $99

Join Paul Louis Cole, TD Jakes, Dale Bronner, Stephen Mansfield, Wellington Boone, Mark Chironna, RT Kendall, Jurgen Matthesius, Dwayne Pickett, Dale O'Shields, Joel Brooks, Dennis Peacocke, Garrett Booth, Michael Phillips, Michael Murphy, Doug Stringer, and our own Mike Hayes, Stephen Hayes and James deMelo for THREE days of tremendous ministry, TWO man-sized meals, ONE conference syllabus.

The CMN brotherhood launched by Edwin Louis Cole is dedicated to helping men succeed in Christ. We are committed to each other’s God-given dreams—dreams for a strong family, a thriving career, a growing church family, and a close relationship with God.

Grab your friends and come sit at the table with leaders who ignite your spirit and enlarge your heart. You will leave strengthened in your leadership and relationships. 

What could be more important for you and your friends—and for your family, your career, your church, your community. You were born to make a difference. Be a man who gets it done.

All registrations are final, unused registrations will be used for scholarships.