Lions Roar 2016: Full Conference Flash Drive Set

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Show your friends, family, children, pastor all that Lions Roar was for you. Spend time looking up the Word as you watch, take time writing notes and journaling. Keep for your video library the God-breathed, anointed message from the Lions Roar 2016 Global Summit on Christlike Manhood!


Every main speaker, including:


Leon Fontaine, Taylor Barriger, Nick Caine, Casey Treat, Paul Andrew, Dale Bronner, Ted DiBiase, Brandon Cole, Robert Barriger, Michael Murphy, Michael Phillips, Doug Stringer, Dwayne Pickett, Brian Fisher, Jim Garlow, Walt Landers, Tom Lane, Nancy Houston, David Bendett, Dale O'Shields, Paul Buchanan

Every Roundtable speaker including:


Dennis Peacocke, Bruce Binkley, Ed Preston, Wes Callahan, Keith Holden, Glenn Bollinger, Bob Whitaker, Chris Capehart, Steve Dulin, Jim Franklin


Dwayne Pickett, Dale Bronner, Kevin Goff, Paul Andrew, Robert Barriger, Ken Jumper, Casey Treat, Michael Murphy, Leon Fontaine